Kumankaya healing center is the best, most healing and most legitimate plant medicine healing retreat. I have traveled to Peru and other places on similar retreats, and my best experiences have been at Kumankaya. Remi and Ashley are incredible, wise healers who have studied the medicine deeply and who help you find your true self. The cabins and all facilities are much nicer than other retreat centers - most have their own bathrooms connected to the rooms. The jungle land there is magical - quiet, beautiful stars, spiritual. I healed during ceremonies and also during my time walking the paths and laying in the hammocks there. I can not recommend Kumankaya healing center enough! It will change your life. Thank you Remi and Ashley for all of the work that you did to bring this magical place to life.


This experience was far beyond our expectations! The atmosphere here is so loving and welcoming and the attention to details makes all the difference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ashley and Remi for going above and beyond, for your time, your love, your compassion - we felt cared for and heard, and you’re also doing beautiful work on this land. Thank you for your wisdom and kind words... in short, thank you for being you for being you! I’ll always treasure this opportunity and it was extra special to have been able to inaugurate the maloka with you guys. Blessings and love to both of you and see you again real soon!


I had a completely auspicious journey at Kumankaya. I loved the space I was staying in. It was so clean. Ashley’s feminine touch to the space made it so beautiful. The Mayan land here is so sacred and protected. I loved exploring the wild ecosystem of this jungle.It was an honor to be in the first ceremony in the maloka. I will take all the memories home. Thank you for the healing - Remi’s beautiful voice, all the advice and talks we had, the great food and especially making me feel so comfortable in the space. Thank you for doing this work, friends.Mucho amor.


To tell you the truth, I’m an old traveler. Been to hell and back with the scars and wounds to prove it. I needed a place to heal and to howl. I needed friends and guides who could understand, accept, and even appreciate my particular challenges. I found that at Kumankaya. It’s a rare jewel, not meant from the faint hearted, but open and receptive to the humble hearts that seek refuge in sanity.


It’s been 10 months since I was there at the Kumankaya healing space, and I am still learning and expanding on the experience and learning I received there. I was received by the warm embrace of the jungle of Quintana Rue, and Ashley & Remi’s heart intention of healing support. There they introduced me to their beautiful, kind and local friends that helped create the deeply sacred space, and allowed me to make myself at home. There I was able to let go, and bee myself, as I connected to nature and soon the grandmother medicine. I felt completely supported, safe and cared for with Ashley and Remi. The plant dieta was so pure, healthy and even tasty. I felt the change in my body go light, clean and nimble. Yoga in the mornings with Ashley or alone were also therapeutic. Mosquito-less evenings on the hammock reading or reflecting were so peaceful. The insight I received with the medicine as well as Ashely and Remi’s help I hold so dear to my heart. I am deeply grateful for all of what that whole space at Kumankaya offers.


Kumankaya...wow. How do I even begin?! This is a mystical place. Very special on this earth right now. It is safe, it is deep, it is healing in all the levels and dimensions of that word. The energy here is so very clean and so very powerful. The people who hold space and who facilitate transformations live in such love. I spent much of October 2019 here. I had no idea what to expect other than answering an inner call. I will mark this time as pivotal in my own journey. And that said, I had developed relationships with Ashley and Remi before that. I honor these two as people of integrity, of love, and ones who have gone deep to do the work within themselves. This is a place made to serve. I guarantee if you come you will be changed! And please reach out to me if you want to talk more. I love this place so much, and love to share my heart for it!


Meister Eckhart said that if the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it would be enough. I'm going to say more... From the unending Sunday to the laughs that [people] only dream of, I began to experience a fullness of joy here that I haven't allowed myself in the past. As I felt safe to accept the foundation of love that your lives embody, I began to love myself more authentically than ever before. Gradually this light crept into my body, my visions, and my dreams. Our hammock sessions were the most profound conversations I've ever had in my life-- they deepened and expanded my beliefs to more mature levels, which naturally increased the volume of my heart's voice-- and low and behold, my song changed too. It says in the NR diet training handbook that there are 10 pillars of diet: love, compassion, forgiveness, humility, gratitude, faith, patience, strength, courage, and peace. Along with authenticity, integrity, and focus, all of these virtues have been elevated in me; and this time here has changed the nature of my inner landscape completely. For that, words like thank you don't express a fraction of what I want to express-- I'll have to sing you a song for that-- but bless your lives, your path, and your project, it's been an honor to watch Kumankaya rise. With tons of love, your brother.


I'm so glad and satisfied to have the opportunity to spend this few days with you guys. So much energy here. Thank you Ashley, Gracias Remi, Irake Ian. Thank you Daisy, thank you Ina, and thank you Yoda.