The Kumankaya Project


We offer a variety of healing practices and cultural opportunities. We want to create a space that combines our orthodox, occidental and traditional backgrounds, and offers the modern man a more holistic and synergetic approach to healing. Commonly and unfortunately, many don't or aren't able to cultivate a spiritual relationship whether it is because their lives are too busy or they resist religion and all associated practices. Our aim is to reconnect people with their spiritual selves not by preaching our faith or our knowledge but by living truthfully all those teachings that matter most to us.

What to Expect


All the facilitators here have been trained in either occidental and traditional healing disciplines. Our goal is to synthesize the totality of who we are: our faith, our passions, our skills, our experiences and our knowledge. We offer familiar practices, such as prayer, meditation, fasting, massage, yoga and so much more, but we also utilize a core foundation that might be foreign to most: the use of medicinal plants, seen as Master Plants, in the pursuit of the wisdom to heal our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual selves.


Our initial vision to create exclusively a healing center evolved as we discovered Mexico as a rich cultural and geographic resource. The Yucatan peninsula's ancient and modern Mayan presence contributes to a unique culture that is revealed in the traditional cuisine, arts and crafts, architecture, music and spiritual life here. In addition, the geography offers some of the most precious natural resources on the planet: freshwater cenotes, intricate underground cave networks, crystalline lakes, the Mayan jungle, and, of course, the Caribbean Sea. We want to bring Mexico's precious heritage to people so they too can be enriched by experiencing the peninsula's greatest natural treasure: its people and culture.


Kumankaya is a unique retreat center because we promote personalized healing. That is, we encourage your group to pick and choose the healings and experiences that are right for your intentions and preferences. We offer a number of different healing experiences as well as conscientious, cultural learning opportunities. We want to give your group the agency to choose what will be perfect for you. On staff, we have knowledgeable hospitality consultants who can guide you in achieving a memorable and effective healing experience.


  • To tell you the truth, I’m an old traveler. Been to hell and back with the scars and wounds to prove it. I needed a place to heal and to howl. I needed friends and guides who could understand, accept, and even appreciate my particular challenges. I found that at Kumankaya. It’s a rare jewel, not meant from the faint hearted, but open and receptive to the humble hearts that seek refuge in sanity.