Sacred Medicine All-Women’s Healing Retreat

Honoring The Sacred Feminine with Rose

2-Week Deep Immersion
Metsaka (Ashley Delaune) & Soi Yaka (Sasha Compuesto)
the Mayan Jungle of Yucatan at KumaNkaya Healing Center


“During this time of wondering, she will at times be overcome with hardship and feel close to giving up. But if she summons the wit and virtue to hold her own standpoint, magical allies will show up to assist her.

In the end, her triumph is a place of belonging in the world that is unimpeachable, not only because has she wrought it from scratch, but because it is large enough to shelter others.”

- an excerpt from:
"Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home"
by Toko-pa Turner


Retreat includes:

A pre-retreat consultation/intentions call
A pre-retreat zoom meeting
A pre-retreat on-site intentions talk / orientation
A two-week program
Eight Ayahuasca ceremonies
Ten-day Rose Master Plant diet
Eight post-ceremony integration circles
Four yoga classes
Two Mayan massages
Individual ceremony and dieta support
Closing group trip to local Cenote
Meals and accommodations

Airport pickup & drop-off


Early Bird Price Through June 30th
Shared Room: $3,050 USD (each, up to 2 people in shared room)
Private House: $4,050 USD


Please email to inquire or to sign up!


In loving service,

Alexandra/Sasha - Soi Yaka

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