Booking Policy


For booking your stay at Kumankaya, we ask that you make a US$ 500 deposit, which can be done through Zelle, Bank Transfer in the US or Mexico, PayPal (+5%) or Crypto. We’ll send you an email with all the details when the time comes, and the remaining balance due must be paid in cash upon arrival.


  Please know that before booking your stay for any of our retreats, we will invite you to answer some questions that allow us to know you better and understand the type of healing that suits you best.


Cancelation Policy


If a cancellation is made for reasons of force majeure related to the COVID 19 pandemic, your deposit will be used for a new reservation to be made in the following calendar year, or we will refund the full amount of the deposit less any administrative fees.


Early Departure Policy


Kumankaya reserves the right to withhold sacred medicines if the healing staff considers that the therapies are not benefiting the individual, or are putting his/her health and/or integrity at risk. In addition, Kumankaya reserves the right to ask visitors/participants to leave early if the staff deems that the values, rules, people and/or animals at Kumankaya are not being respected, as agreed before arrival. In cases such as listed above, an explanation will be given, but Kumankaya will not give a refund. If an individual decides he/she wants to leave the retreat early, Kumankaya will not give a refund.