Dieting - Part Two: Discernment

On the path of plant medicine and spiritualism, discernment becomes extremely important. In a previous blog post, we tried to understand why we diet, why we follow the path of plant medicine. The goals we try to achieve through practices such as dieting are many. From healing some physical wounds or various traumas, to deepening our self-discovery and learning medicinal songs, which are taught by the spirits of the plants often times through dreams.


There are probably as many achievements as there are people dedicated to this path. Among the most valuable ones are the ones we set on the horizon to guide our life: to awake our consciousness and start moving and growing towards its maximum potential, the great metanoia —with the help of the plants— and to experiment with the great and powerful armonia mundi, to discover the life beyond the senses. There are two different schools in dieting: to transcend the senses by calming them to enter into the subtle world of energies, or to intensify the senses to experiment with what seems to be the natural bright light of our mind that can enlighten sometimes our thoughts and, by developing an easy inner activity joined to a fluent outer creativity, can orientate quietly but steadily all the resources of our awareness within the self.


Finally, there, one starts to feel with a great perception/sensation and discover the universal scents of the heart as the very conscious source of our being. In diet, the heart is in a constant state of prayer and in a natural sensorial (spiritual) vigilance. The heart also somehow hides what appears to be a narrow and unpredictable wormhole that can open suddenly to the Divine Presence, everywhere positive, beautiful and true. There’s nothing like this liberating and illuminating sensation of feeling finally who you are, because you’re informed instinctively by those great feelings of the heart burning in your chest.


Those feelings are what make you a true human being, fundamentally worth this great playground that is the earth. This is when one really feels they belong to this earth and the times we live in. The great sun beyond the source illuminates greatly the mind, but it warms up the heart, in its own specific way. Too, this is when we stop trying to solve all the mysteries and start dancing silently among them with intense presence and joyful nobility.


The problem that we are facing now with conspiracy theories is the same problem the early church faced with Gnosticism. Gnostics believed knowledge was the path; knowledge was the illumination, and reaching the truth was laying the bed of our salvation. But these paths are still an extremely sophisticated and nuanced materialism. Gnosticism was still the dominated secret supremacy of the limited human mind. The religious experience, on the other hand, teaches the psycho-emotional process of active acceptance and gratitude toward the Source. And the gained knowledge was just a natural side effect of experiencing the presence of God.


This is still true today. The conspiracy theories are all about uncovering and revealing the authentic Truth, and this quest is a goal, without realizing it, that still moves within the sphere of the ego and its limited use. Revealing to the world all the different conspiracies that run everything isn't automatically experiencing the presence of God. On the other hand, the willingness to experience the presence of God, requires much more work on oneself and an active acceptance of our humble situation in the universe. True spiritual knowledge isn’t acquired from information or books. It is experiential. It is exclusively known by the heart.



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