Welcome to Kumankaya

Two years ago, we left our families, friends, jobs and communities to embark on an adventure that has been, thus far, the greatest challenge of our lives. Slowly but surely, all the right people came into our lives, exactly when we needed them most, and now we found that we have a different family, new friends and a new community. Mexico, its people and its jungle, have embraced us entirely and given us the strength and support to build our dream, Kumankaya Healing Center.

For the past two years, we have been working very hard to build and create a sacred space to reconnect with nature and ourselves. As we cleared more jungle and built more accommodations, our original vision for Kumankaya transformed as we and the land changed. With the addition of our two newest team members, Camila and Patrick, we have created a place that utilizes all our talents, cultivates all our different passions, and fosters the rich spiritual life we were seeking.

We gave Kumankaya the space to come into being on its own. Even during the building process, there was no grand floor plan. Instead, we learned to work with the land, respecting its natural assets in the process. Likewise, as an ethos, we knew we wanted Kumankaya to be a healing center that synthesizes popular western practices with traditional plant medicines. We also knew we wanted to offer a healing experience that is co-operative, participatory, communal and rooted in one's ability to make choices regarding the types of healings one wants and one needs. As a result, Kumankaya is a dynamic facility: you can host your own retreats, customize your own retreats, and attend some of our own. Healing is an intimate and fundamental choice that requires personal agency and communal support to be successful.

Our dear local family. Thanks to them Kumankaya is a reality.

The community we have here is very important to us. We have one full-time worker, who has now become a dear friend, Jesus. He has been with us almost since the beginning, always bringing his light heart and ready smile to any moment. We have a steady Mayan mason crew who has built what looks like a small village for us here in the remote jungle. And last but not least, we also have four dogs who keep us safe from unwanted intrusions and continue to patrol and reinforce the boundaries between Kumankaya and the jungle. Furthermore, we also have six cats, all of whom do an amazing job protecting us from all the little critters and insects around. Unfortunately, they don't discern very well between a dangerous arachnid and a beautiful bird or butterfly. All of our animals are important and valued members of our life here.

We open our doors, the Mayan jungle, our hearts and our lives to you all. We have so much gratitude for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

¡La familia Kumankaya te da la bienvenida!

Con mucho amor,

Remi, Ashley, Camila, Patrick, Jesus, Ina, Yoda, Daisy, Latte, Ginger, Mike, Puma, Everest, Geisha and Spirit!

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